Hymn Fake Book, The

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MP1630.28 .H96 2000
Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard Corp., c2000.
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It is good to sing thy praises Leavitt's The Christian Lyre, The Psalter
It is mine William Edie Marks, Elisha A. Hoffman
It is truly wonderful Barney E. Warren
It is well with my soul Philip P. Bliss, Horatio Spafford
It's just like his great love Clarence B. Strouse, Edna R. Worrell
Ivory palaces Henry Barraclough
Jerisalem the golden Alexander Ewing, Bernard of Cluny
Jerusalem, my happy home Alexander R. Reingale, Joseph Bromehead
Jesus bids us shine Edwin O. Excell, Anna B. Warner
Jesus calls us o'er the tumult William H. Jude, Cecil Frances Alexander
Jesus Christ is risen today Lyra Davidica
Jesus Christ, my sure defense Johann Cruger, Catherine Winkworth
Jesus Chritst is risen today Roberd Williams, Lyra Davidica
Jesus is all the world to me Will L. Thompson
Jesus is tenderly calling George C. Stebbings, Fanny J. Crosby
Jesus is the sweetest name I know Lela Long
Jesus lives! The victory's won! Johann Cruger, Christian F. Gellert
Jesus loves even me Philip P. Bliss
Jesus loves me William B. Bradbury, Anna B. Warner
Jesus loves the little children George F. Root, Rev. C. H. Woolston
Jesus paid it all John T. Grape, Elvina M. Hall
Jesus saves William J. Kirkpatrick, Priscilla J. Owens
Jesus shall reign John Hatton, Isaac Watts
Jesus thy blood and righteousness George Job Elvey, Ludwing von Zinzendorf
Jesus walked this lonesome valley Traditional spiritual
Jesus! Name of wondrous love J. A. Freylinghausen, William W. How
Jesus! The name high over all Johann Cruger, Charles Wesley
Jesus! What a friend to sinners Rowland H. Prichard, J. Wilbur Chapman
Jesus, I am resting, resting James Mountain, Jean S. Pigott
Jesus, I come George C. Stebbins, William T. Sleeper
Jesus, I my cross have taken Leavitt's The Christian Lyre, Henry F. Lyte
Jesus, I will ponder now Melcior Vulpius, Sigismund von Birken
Jesus, in thy dying woes Koralpsalmboken, Thomas B. Pollock
Jesus, keep me near the cross William H. Doane, Fanny J. Corsby
Jesus, Lord, we look to thee Foundery Collection, Charles Wesley
Jesus, lover of my soul Joseph Parry, Charles Wesley
Jesus, lover of my soul Simeon B. Marsh, Charles Wesley
Jesus, my strength, my hope George J. Elvey, Charles Wesley
Jesus, priceless treasure Johann Cruger, Johann Franck
Jesus, refuge of the weary Erbaulicher Musicalischer Christenschatz, Girolamo Savonarola
Jesus, refuge of the weary Hampus Wetterling, Girolamo Savonarola
Jesus, savior, pilot me John E. Gould, Edward Hopper
Jesus, still lead on Adam Drese, Nicolaus L. von Zinzendorf
Jesus, the very thought of thee John Bacchus Dykes, Bernard of Clairvaux
Jesus, thine all-victorious love Carl G. Glaser, Charles Wesley
Jesus, thou everlasting king Charles Burney, Isaac Watts
Jesus, though joy of loving hearts Henry Baker, Bernard of Clairvaux
Jesus, thy blood and righteousness William Gardiner's Sacred melodies, Ludwing von Zinzendorf
Jesus, thy boundless love to me Henry F. Hemy, Paul Gerhardt
Jesus, united by thy grace John Dykes, Charles Wesley