Hymn Fake Book, The

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MP1630.28 .H96 2000
Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard Corp., c2000.
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Look, ye saints, the sigth is glorious William H. monk, Thomas Kelly
Lord ascendeth up on high, the Michael Praetorious, Arthur T. Russell
Lord is in his holy temple George F. Root, Habakkuk
Lord Jehovah reigns, the John Darwall, Isaac Watts
Lord Jesus Christ, be present now Cantionale Germanicum, Lutherische Hand-Buchlein
Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord most dear Schumann's Geistiliche Lieder, Heinrich von Laufenberg
Lord Jesus Christ, we humbly pray Ignaz J. Pleyel, Henry E. Jacobs
Lord Jesus, think on me William Damon's Psalms, Synesius of Cyrene
Lord of all being, throned afar Methodist Harmonist, Oliver Wendell Holmes
Lord of glory, who hast bought us R. H. Prichard, E. S. Alderson
Lord teach us how to pray aright J. H. Knecht, James Montgomery
Lord teach us how to pray aright Olrando Gibbons, James Montgomery
Lord will come and not be slow, the William Jones, John Milton
Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want Jessie S. Irvine, Scottish Psalter
Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want, the William Gardiner, Scottish Psalmer
Lord, be thy world my rule Henry Lascelles Jenner, Christopher Wordsworth
Lord, Dismiss us with thy blessing Sicilian melody, John Fawcett
Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendor William Owen, George H. Bourne
Lord, for tomorrow and its needs Horario R. Palmer, Sybil F. Partridge
Lord, from the depths to thee I cry Orlando Gibbons, Scottish Psalter
Lord, I'm coming home William J. Kirkpatrick
Lord, if at thy command Johann M. Spiess, Charles Wesley
Lord, keep us steadfast in thy word J. Klug, Geistiliche Leider, Wittenberg, Martin Luther
Lord, lay some soul upon my heart Ira D. Sankey, Loen Tucker
Lord, make us more holy African-American spiritual
Lord, our Lord, thy glorious name Freylinghausen's Geistreiches Gesangbuch
Lord, speak to me Robert Schumann, Frances Ridley Havergal
Lord, thee I love with all my heart Zwey Bucher,Tabulatur, Martin M. Schalling
Lord, want to be a Christian Traditional spiritual
Lord, who throughout these forty days Day's Psalter, Claudia Frances Hernaman
Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise thee J. Leavitt, Christian Lyre, Francis Scott Key
Love divine, all loves excelling John Zundel, Charles Wesley
Love divine, all loves excelling Rowland Hugh Prichard, Charles Wesley
Love lifted me Howard E. Smih, James Rowe
Love of God, the Frederick M. Lehman, Meir Ben Isaac Nehorai
Majestic seetness sits enthroned Thomas Hastings, Samuel Stennett
Make me a captive, Lord George J. Elvey, George Matheson
Make me a channel of blessing Harper G. Smyth
Maker, in whom we live George J. Elvey, Charles Wesley
Master, the tempest is racing Horatio R. Palmer, Mary A. Baker
May God bestow on us his grace Deutsch Kirchenamt, Martin Luther
May the grace of Christ our savior Ludwig van Beethoven, John Newton
May the grace of Christ our savior Christian F. Witt, John Newton
May we thy precepts, Lord, fulfill Lowell Mason, Edward Osler
Mighty fortress is our God, a Martin Luther
Moment by moment Mary Whittle Moody, Daniel W. Whittle
More about Jesus John R. Sewney, Eliza E. Hewitt
More love to thee William H. Doane, Elibzabeth Payson Prentiss
Must Jesus bear the cross alone George N. Allen, Thomas Shepherd
My anchor holds Daniel B. Towner, W. C. Martin