The fiddler's fakebook

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MP1630.28.F5 1983
New York : Oak Publications : c1983.
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Song Title Composer
Flop-Eared Mule Traditional
Florida Blues Arthur Smith
Flowers Of Edinburgh Traditional
Flying Cloud Cotillion Traditional
Folding Down The Streets Bob Carlin
Forked Deer Traditional
Forks Of Sandy Traditional
Fort Smith Breakdown Traditional
Fortune Traditional
Four Cent Cotton Traditional
Fourteen Days In Georgia Traditional
Frieze Breeches Traditional
Frosty Morning Traditional
Gallopede Traditional
Galway Hornpipe Traditional
Gaspe Reel Traditional
Gavin McMullen Traditional
George Booker Traditional
Georgia Railroad Traditional
Georgiana Moon Traditional
Gillian's Reel Traditional
Girl I Left Behind Me, The Traditional
Girl That Broke My Heart, The Traditional
Give Me Your Hand Traditional
Give The Fiddler A Dram I Traditional
Gladstone's Reel Traditional
Going Down The River Traditional
Going To Jail Traditional
Going To Town Traditional
Gold Ring, The Traditional
Golden Slippers Traditional
Goodbye Liza Jane Traditional
Gravel Walk, The Traditional
Great Big Taters In Sandy Land Traditional
Green Mountain Petronella Traditional
Green Willis Traditional
Greenfields Of America Traditional
Grey Eagle Traditional
Growling Old Man And Woman Kenny Baker
Halting March Traditional
Hamilton County Traditional
Hanged Man's Reel Traditional
Harvest Home Traditional
Haste To The Wedding Traditional
Hawkins' Rag Ted Hawkins
Hawks And Eagles Traditional
Hell Among The Yearlings Traditional
Hewlett Turlough O'Carolan
Hi-Flyer Stomp Traditional
Hickman County Paul Warren