The fiddler's fakebook

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MP1630.28.F5 1983
New York : Oak Publications : c1983.
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Song Title Composer
Bonaparte's Retreat Traditional
Bonnie Kate Traditional
Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord J. Scott Skinner
Boys Of Bluehill, The Traditional
Boys Of The Lough, The Traditional
Boys Of Wexford, The Traditional
Breaking Up Christmas Traditional
Briarpicker Brown Traditional
Brickyard Joe Traditional
Brilliancy Medley Traditional
Bull At The Wagon Traditional
Bunch Of Keys 1 Traditional
Bunch Of Keys II Traditional
Cabri Waltz Traditional
Cameron Highlands, The Traditional
Camp Chase Traditional
Campbell's Farewell To Red Gap Traditional
Carolan's Concerto Turlough O'Carolan
Carrol County Blues Traditional
Cattle In The Cane Traditional
Cherish The Ladies Traditional
Cherokee Shuffle Traditional
Chicken Reel Traditional
Chief O'Neill's Favorite Traditional
Childgrove Traditional
Chinese Breakdown Traditional
Chorus Jig Traditional
Christmas Day Ida Moarnin' Traditional
Cindy Traditional
Cluck Old Hen Traditional
Cluckin' Hen Traditional
Coleman's Cross Traditional
Coleraine Traditional
College Groves Traditional
Colored Aristocracy Traditional
Come Dancing And Sing Traditional
Congress Reel, The Traditional
Connaughtman's Rambles, The Traditional
Cooley's Reel Traditional
Cotton Patch Rag Traditional
Cotton-Eyed Joe Traditional
Country Walts Traditional
Cracklin' Hen Traditional
Crazy Creek Traditional
Cricket On The Hearth Traditional
Cripple Creek 1 Traditional
Cripple Creek 2 Traditional
Cross Eyed Fiddler Kenny Baker
Cross Reel Shetland
Cuckoo's Nest Traditional