Amazing Country Fakebook, The

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MP1630.28 .A45 1993
Secaucus, N.J. : Warner Bros. Publications, c1993.
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Heart don't fall now Bill LaBounty, Beckie Foster, Carolyn Swilley
Heart of the night Michael Clark, John Bettis
Heaven's just a sin away Jerry Gillespie
Here in the real world Alan Jackson, Mark Irwin
Here we are Beth Nielsen Chapman, Vince Gill
Heroes and friends Randy Travis, Don Schlitz
Highway robbery Tom Shapiro, Michael Garvin, Bucky Jones
Home Alan Jackson
Home again in my heart Josh Leo, Wendy Waldman
Honey I dare you Dave Gibson, Craig Carp, Stuart Cook, Dave Jenkins, John McFee
House on Old Lonesome Road Dave Gibson, Bernie Nelson
Houston solution Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz
Hummingbird Tim DuBois, Greg Jennings
I believe in music Mac Davis
I can't turn the tide Michael Bonagura, Kathie Baillie, Craig Bickhardt
I don't know you (Anymore) Ricci Mareno, Charlie Black
I got dreams Steve Wariner, Bill LaBounty
I got it bad Matraca Berg, Jim Photoglo
I got you Teddy Gentry, Greg Fowler, Robert Byrne
I have you Gene Nelson, Paul Nelson
I knew my day would come Vern Gosdin, Max D. Barnes
I know how he feels Rick Bowles, Will Robinson
I know the way to you by heart Tony Laiolo
I know what I've got J.C. Crowley, Jeff Silbar
I know where I'm going Craig Bickhardt, Brent Maher, Don Schlitz
I sang dixie Dwight Yoakam
I see the want in your eyes Wayne Carson Thompson
I taught her everything she knows Teddy Gentry, Greg Fowler, John Jarrard, Walt Aldridge
I thought it was you Gary Harrison, Tim Menzies
I told you so Randy Travis
I want everyone to cry Michael Noble, Wood Newton
I wish that I could fall in love today Harlon Howard
I won't need you anymore (Always and forever) Troy Seals, Max D. Barnes
I wonder what she's doing tonight John Jarrard, Gary Nicholson
I wonder where we'd be tonight Vernon Gosdin, Jim Sales
I'd love you all over again Alan Jackson
I'll still be loving you Pat Bunch, Pam Rose, Mary Ann Kennedy, Toddy Cerney
I'm over you Tim Nichols, Zack Turner
I'm still crazy Vernon Gosdin, Steve Le Gosdin, Buddy Cannon
If I ever fall in love again Gloria Sklerov, Steve Dorff
If it don't come easy Dave Gibson, Craig Carp
If there's any justice (in this world) Michael Noble, C. Michael Spriggs, Tony Chalk Colton
If you ain't lovin' (You ain't livin') Tommy Collins
If you could only see me now Susan Longacre, Rick Giles
If your'e gonna do me wrong (do it right) Vern Gosdin, Max D. Barnes
In my eyes Lionel Cartwright
Is it raining at your house Vern Gosdin, Hank Cochran, Dean Dillon
Island Troy Seals, Eddy Raven
It ain't easy being easy Mark Gray, Schwana, Harrington, Les Taylor
It goes without saying Lisa Palas, Mark Sanders, John Jarrard