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Reason (computer file)
Computer Sound Processing
Software sequencers



Selected books from the library's collection
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Mastering Digital Audio Production 
MT723 .T78 2007  Check Availability
Image:Mastering-digital-audio-production.jpg From the publisher:
This comprehensive guide shows you how to integrate a variety of production tools for the Mac OS X platform into all stages of audio production so that you can create and produce music. From single applications to complete suites, you’ll discover the software toolsets that are best for you and then discover how to incorporate them into a coherent workflow. Featuring best practices, real-world examples, and interviews with audio professionals, this book pulls together all the programs and tasks you need.
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

MIDI Sequencing in Reason: Skill Pack by Steve Nalepa
ML74.4.R43 N35 2007  Check Availability
Image:Midi-sequencing-in-reason.jpg From the publisher:
Reason is a complete virtual studio, a powerful application with endless creative possibilities -- assuming you know how to use it. Indeed, the key to producing and composing in Reason is learning how to master the tools available to you in its MIDI sequencer. MIDI Sequencing in Reason: Skill Pack is your guide to unlocking the power and creative freedom available in this dynamic program.
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Reason 5 Ignite!: The Visual Guide for New Users by Loretta Niebur
MT723 .R43 C45 2012  Check Availability
Image:‎  Reason-5-ignite.jpg From the publisher:
Get ready to explore the world of music production with Reason 5! This book will help you get up to speed in Reason quickly by dropping you right into the action so that before you know it, you'll be making music in Reason with confidence.
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Audio Production and Post-Production by Woody Woodhall
TK7881.4 .W65 2011  Check Availability
Image:Audio-production-and-post-production.jpg‎ From the publisher:
This introductory, comprehensive text of audio practices is for both production and post-production sound. It emphasizes the importance of recording the sound properly on the set and also explains the post-production audio process as a creative collaboration that enhances the story and is not merely a “fix” for various audio problems. This book guides readers through a series of exercises to better understand the relationships between the gear and practices required for optimal recordings and mixes.
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Reason Tips & Tricks With a Sneak Peek at Record presented by Berklee Learning Center
DVD 4225  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-DVD.jpg From the publisher:
Wrapping up the Learning Center's Guerilla production techniques series, this presentation finishes the mix of Pure imagination recorded two weeks ago. After some critical listening from artists of different genres (to make genre based mixing decisions), a discussion ensues about gear and tools, covering monitors and headphones, consoles and control surfaces, and plug-in effects such as compression and limiting, reverb, and EQ. Finally, a practical look is taken at these tools, breaking down the mix element by element.

Periodicals about Reason

Selected magazines and journals from the library's collection
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Electronic Musician 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Electronic-musician.jpg From the publisher:
Electronic Musician is a monthly magazine published by NewBay Media featuring articles on synthesizers, music production and electronic musicians.
Music Tech Magazine 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Music-tech.jpg From the publisher:
The magazine is targeted at engineers, producers and musicians and includes reviews of recording equipment and features articles on all aspects of music making. The magazine also features tutorials (now called Software Workshops) for the latest versions of popular recording applications, including Cubase, Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reason and Sonar.


Propellerhead User Support
Provides online support and tutorials for Reason along with FAQs.