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Selected Call Number Ranges for Finale

MT39 .C37-MT39 .R83

Suggested Library of Congress Subject Headings
Finale (computer file)
Musical Notation Computer Programs



Selected books from the library's collection
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Finale: An Easy Guide to Music Notation by Thomas E. Rudolph and Vincent A. Leonard Jr.
MT39 .R83 2012  Check Availability
Image:Finale-easy-guide.jpg From the publisher:
Everything you want to know about music notation with Finale! Master Finale step-by-step with the most complete how-to guide available. Designed for both novice and experienced users, this is your detailed resource to fully understanding and applying all of Finale's remarkable capabilities. Easy-to-follow instructions help you to: create publisher-quality music notation; learn to use the tools of Finale while writing your own music and arrangements; get started immediately with hundreds of professional templates, partially completed notation files, and libraries available on the companion website (; print transposed parts from scores automatically; write standard notation, guitar tablature, drum set parts, and more with this comprehensive hands-on tutorial.
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Composing With Finale by Mark Johnson
MT39 .J64 2009  Check Availability
Image:Composing-with-finale.jpg From the publisher:
Finale offers all the notation tools required to craft virtually any composition. Unfortunately, the imaginative ways these tools are used sometimes becomes an elaborate composition in itself! Composing with Finale shows you the essentials you’ll need.
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Finale 2012: A Trailblazer Guide by Loretta Niebur
MT39 .J64 2011  Check Availability
Image:Finale-2012-a-trailblazer-guide.jpg‎ From the publisher:
Revised and updated for Finale 2012, this guide offers clear, step-by-step methods for creating beautiful scores with ease. Master the essentials and learn to take advantage of Finale's incredible power by focusing on the tools you need and ignoring the ones you don't. Increase productivity: readers will find a concise overview of Finale's framework followed by a guide to the everyday tricks and shortcuts that make using Finale a breeze.
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Finale Power! by Mark Johnson
MT39 .J64 2002  Check Availability
Image:Finale-power.jpg From the publisher:
Whether you're a beginner or a regular user, find out how to get the very most out of Coda's professional music notation and printing program with "Finale Power!". Author Mark Johnson starts by giving you a solid understanding of Finale's framework and then helps you master the everyday shortcuts and tips that make using Finale a breeze. Step-by-step tutorials will walk you through the score creation process, from starting a new document to printing the score. An accompanying CD-ROM includes supplemental third-party plug-ins, music examples and links to informational Finale websites.
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

The Finale Primer: Mastering the Art of Music Notation with Finale by Bill Purse
MT39 .P88 2000  Check Availability
Image:The-finale-primer.jpg From the publisher:
Fully updated for Finale 2005, this book remains the definitive guide for understanding and using this powerful, state-of-the-art music notation software. Finale's wide range of capabilities yields a steep learning curve, but The Finale Primer guides users through the powerful intricacies of Finale 2005 one step at a time. This hands-on book assists with all facets of music preparation whether transcribing an existing piece of music or creating an original work and helps maximize the benefits of Finale's invaluable capabilities in editing, reformatting, and reorganizing musical material.
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

The Finale Projects: The New Approach to Learning Finale by Tom Carruth
MT39 .C37 2008  Check Availability
Image:Finale-projects.jpg From the publisher:
This is a step-by-step guide, written by Tom Carruth, who is a product specialist for Finale. Using this book to learn Finale is like having a private tutorial with an expert in the program right by your side, guiding you and answering questions. It is an excellent tool for either someone who is new to notation software, or someone who has older versions of Finale. its focus is Finale 2008, however there are also directions for those using older versions.
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg


Reason Tips & Tricks With a Sneak Peek at Record presented by Berklee Learning Center
DVD 4225  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-DVD.jpg From the publisher:
Wrapping up the Learning Center's Guerilla production techniques series, this presentation finishes the mix of Pure imagination recorded two weeks ago. After some critical listening from artists of different genres (to make genre based mixing decisions), a discussion ensues about gear and tools, covering monitors and headphones, consoles and control surfaces, and plug-in effects such as compression and limiting, reverb, and EQ. Finally, a practical look is taken at these tools, breaking down the mix element by element.


Finale Support
Official online source for Finale and related FAQs. Great place to start with any particular questions about using certain functions of Finale.