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About the scores and lead sheets

What I discovered in my research is that there is no standard practice for publishing or posting these materials. There is also inconsistency in the cost and fee structure for acquiring the lead sheets and scores. Many composers and lyricists post their work and make it available for free in downloadable formats. Many charge a fee for the songs, books or lyrics. Many have them available through a publisher and only in print formats. There is no norm thus far among the artists and writers in this ever-changing digital age. There are several songs that are recorded but not available in published lead sheet form. For those, don't be shy! Contact the composer, lyricist or transcribe! It is always important to check the musical and text accuracy of the materials. The project team has tried to provide accurate information and links to as many resources as possible but there may be some gaps and issues with webpage or link functionality or availability. Every effort will be made to continue to edit and monitor these changes as the database continues to evolve.

Lead sheets, scores, arrangements, lyrics, discography and biography information

Berklee Stan Getz Music Library Collection
Link to a Sheet music site for a fee
Free lead sheet sources
Links to Artist and participant websites where music is available in a variety of forms, some as free downloads and some for a fee. They include songbook collections, single lead sheets with notation and/or chord symbols, lyrics and arrangements.

There are many well known publishers and sheet music sites that offer extensive catalogs of individual songs and song book collections in print and digital formats. Many also include play-a-long files. Some of the more well known publishers include Hal Leonard, Jamey Aebersold, Sarazin Music, Alfred Music, JW Pepper, Musicnotes and Sheet Music Plus. What follows is a short list of other websites that may be less known but offer resources.

Other online streaming sites and services also can give you a wealth of information. Those that I find extremely helpful are: (Singers Corner)

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