Vienna Instruments Expression Maps, Film Scoring

Written by Althea Steynberg, Edited & Submitted by Michael MacDonald 

A Step by Step Guide 

For Film Scoring students at Berklee using Cubase in their work and major, we purchase the FIlm Scoring Bundle as part of our Major Package Bundle! How exciting! Within this FS (Film Scoring) Major Bundle, we purchased a library of instruments known as Vienna Instruments. The FS Department designed and built specific Expression Maps for us to use for said Vienna Instrument sounds, so today we will be learning how to download those Expression Maps and what they do!

For the entirety of this tutorial, we recommend following along with the attached video below! 

Step 1 (sort of) 

-If you have not already, please download this .zip file with the necessary Folder of Expression Maps:



Step 1.B

-Unzip the file within Finder and you will see a folder named "Berklee Film Scoring Presets 2". 

-With that Finder window open and viewing the new Folder, it is easiest to open a second Finder window for the next step in this process. So, command⌘ + N  will allow you to open a New Finder Window next to the one you have open with the Berklee FS Folder. 

In summary, you should have two Finder windows open. One with the new Unzipped Folder from Berklee, and one Finder window which we are now going to use in the next step. 


Step 2

-In your new Finder window, go to your Macintosh HD under the favorites list < Open the Users folder < Open the Shared folder < Within this folder, there will be a VSL Custom Data folder. From your other Finder window, click and drag the Berklee Film Scoring Presets 2 folder over and into your VSL Custom Data folder. 

-That's it! You do not have to do anything else in Finder. Now, we move into Cubase. 

*For the rest of this tutorial, we recommend following along with the video file provided below! *8

Step 3

-Within Cubase, start a New Project! Create a New Instrument Track and load an instance of Vienna Instruments. 

-In the video, you will see underneath the Vienna "PRESETS" tab that there will be a new selection named after the Berklee Film Scoring Presets 2. Upon opening that, you will see each instrument family grouped together.

-Refer to the remainder of the video to see the use of expression maps in the MIDI/Key Editor! 


*Below is attached a Video File going through all the steps of this article to help with the process




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