Video in Logic | Importing and Project Settings

Working with music for picture can often be a difficult feat. In my opinion, Logic makes is pretty straightforward. The video accompaning this post walks through the basics of importing movies into Logic and the basic project settings and formatting to watch out for!


Here's a quick "Logic Video" checklist you can keep handy to keep everything in check:

  1. Use the "Movie for Picture" template so that timecodeis displayed on the transport. 

  2. Ensure that your project is set to video standard sample rate: 48 kHz

  3. Import your movie by using CMD + OPT + O or by going to File > Movie > Open Movie

  4. Display movie trackb going to Track > Global track > Configure Global Track > Movie

  5. Create automatic scene change markers by going to Navigate > Other > Create Movie Scene Markers

by Maya Wagner

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10/28/2020 - 3:22pm