Importing the Film Scoring Cubase Profile Template

Written by Althea Steynberg, Edited & Submitted by Michael MacDonald 

A Step by Step Guide 

For Film Scoring students at Berklee using Cubase in their work and major, we are required to work from a Cubase Profile Template that the Film Scoring department so kindly created for us! It's extremely helpful for getting up and running in Cubase!

Today, we will look at how we import it into Cubase. This profile template that we’re going to import is set to identically reflect the Cubase setup in the Film Scoring labs also. 

Step 1

-Open an empty Cubase project. Go to the EDIT tab at the top left of the screen and click on PROFILE MANAGER

Step 2

-Within the PROFILE MANAGER< click on Import. You will now import the Cubase FS template file with the name FS Lab Profile FA2019.srf

If you do not have this template or file, you can download it from this link: 


After downloading, go back to Cubase and select import again. The file will be in your Downloads folder now. 

Step 3

-Now, within the PROFILE MANAGER, select that newly imported file, and then select "Activate Profile".  


-All that is left to do after this is close the PROFILE MANAGER, Quit the Cubase application, and restart the application, and the new profile settings will take effect!

This profile will remain as your Cubase Profile unless you choose to import or change it to another profile.  

(command[] + Q is the keyboard shortcut for quitting an application. Can be very handy in a jiffy, but also dangerous, so be careful with this new power! :) )


*Below is attached a Video File going through all the steps of this article to help with the process* 

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