Guide to the Cubase Tempo Warp Tool

Video and outline by A. Steynberg. Revised and edited by Maya Wagner. 

Scroll down for the video and follow along in the following outline:

The Tempo Warp tool in Cubase allows users to warp musical timebase events to follow linear events or timecode positions!

There are 2 settings to take note of: 

    Warp Grid maintains the absolute time of musical timebase tracks are kept

    Warp Grid (Musical events follow) makes all musical timebase tracks follow the changes

This video demonstrated using the Time Warp Tool to create a tempo map that follows linear timebase markers. 

Once you have your markers set, set the Markers Track to linear timebase (button on the markers track header which has a quarter note on it). 

Next, click on the Time Warp Tool  and Make sure the tool is set to warp grid (musical events follow) [This will ensure that all tracks set to musical timebase will follow the changes]

Turn on the snap to marker, then click on the bar line that you would like to move and align it with the marker. 

If markers already align with the barline you want them to align with, use the pencil tool to anchor the tempo on the tempo track exactly at the marker (The warp tool adjusts the tempo from the previous anchor point, if you do not do this, the tempo will be changed throughout. This is why it is important to always work from left to right when using the warp tool. 

Continue the process for all the markers, and you are done!!


* Note that for the FS Scoring Tech 1 "Italian Job Project" students are not allowed to make changes in tempo greater than 3bpm.  




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