Global Tracks In Logic Pro: Everything You Need To Know

by Maya Wagner

If you would rather watch a video of the explaination, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Global tracks provide some amazing resources, but many people don't know how to access the tools they provide. In this post, we'll go over some FAQs and life hacks so you can take advantage of Logic's global tracks!

Show and hide the global tracks area

There are two methods to view your global tracks:

A. Click the global tracks button which falls above the track headers in the arrangement

B. Using the show/hide global tracks key command (hit the G key)


Configure global track types

Now that we can see our global tracks, we can configure which types are visible. Do so by right-clicking on the left-hand side of the global tracks, selecting Configure global tracks, and checking off the global tracks you would like to show (pictured right)


What are the global track types and what do they do?

The Arrangement Track Allows you to label individual sections of your composition based on common song sections like “verse” and “chorus.” You can also create your own labels.

The Marker Track provides a convenient way to navigate through your project. You can use key command CMD + OPTION + . and CMD + OPTION +, to navigate through your markers as well as create them with specific smart-snapping commands to make it snap to the nearest bar, eighth note, etc, (these also correspond to key commands). You can color them and add descriptive text to them by double-clicking them! Protect their SMPTE position by choosing Options → Lock SMPTE position in the Marker list You can even change the appearance of marker text by double-clicking a marker and changing the font in the text panel on the far right of the screen.

The Movie Track is used when working with video and shows thumbnails of imported movies/videos. 

The Signature Track displays and controls time and key signature of track throughout the project over time

The Transposition Track transposes MIDI and Apple Loops but not audio clips; this can be helpful for adding an overall key change in a composition/song or changing the entire key.

The Beat Mapping Track allows you to map the tempo of your project based on an audio track's tempo. This can be useful when you want to follow tempo changes of an audio track or follow a fluid audio track's tempo throughout an arrangement.

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