Getting Started Recording in Pro Tools

By Maya Wagner

Getting started with any DAW can be super overwhelming. So, let’s take it one step at a time!! Here are some basic things you should know about recording audio in Pro Tools

Creating your project

Setting up your interface / playback engine

To start getting an audio signal into Pro Tools, you need to select the proper playback engine. Normally, this will be the audio interface you have your headphones as well as mic or instrument plugged into and are going to record with. You can access the playback engine window under the “setup” menu.

Creating an audio track

After your engine is all set, it’s time to add an audio track! To create a new audio track, you can go to the track menu and select TRACK→ NEW or Command + Shift + N and select a mono or stereo audio track (you are most likely working with mono audio) and click create. Make sure you name your track in this window to keep everything organized!!

Setting your track’s inputs and outputs

Once you’ve got a track in your arrangement, make sure your track has the correct input and output. If you are using a small interface, check which input you are using and select the corresponding number under the I/O dropdowns. Out 1-2 will most likely be your output selection. 

Creating a playlist

If you want to record multiple takes into one track to comp later, you can set up a playlist! This is useful for many cases, but not necessary to record a take. Select your target playlist by using the dropdown menu next to the track name and selecting the playlist you want to record to. Selecting the name of the track you are working with will create a playlist inside of that track.


Ok! It’s time to record! Make sure your track is record enabled and that you are getting a signal through your mic or DI. Press the record button in the transport to record arm and then hit the play button. A quick key command to do both at once is to press the F12 key or Numpad 3 (if you have a full sized keyboard). Congrats, we are rolling!

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