Free Plugins from Around the Internet Pt. 2

by Kari Estes

Check out the first article for more plugins!

All of these plugins are completely free of charge and are available in both AAX and VST forms, allowing you to use them in both Logic and ProTools (as well as other DAWs) and are all Catalina compatible.

PreFET Pre-Amp by accentize

This plugin by accentize is a free amp simulation. It adds a subtle warm saturation to your track.

While messing around with it, I discovered that overdriving it creates a good telephone effect. One important thing to note is that the highs are effected way more than the lows, causing audio to appear thin after being overdriven.

Leveling Tool by ADHD

This is a decent emulation of the 1176 compressor. It adds some grit to your track.

This plugin is great for bass and drum compression.

Baby Comeback by Baby Audio

This delay plugin is one of the better delays I’ve come across. While limited in it’s delay capabilities (you only have the option to create tempo-based delay’s), the plugin does have “flavor” buttons to emulate different types of delay hardware.

The wet/dry knobs are easy to clip, so you do need to pay very close attention to any distortion this plugin causes.

Magic Switch by Baby Audio

This Juno-60 emulation creates a slight chorus effect. It adds that analog saturation to the audio as well.

The effect it creates is very subtle, so if you’re looking for a powerful chorus effect you may want to look elsewhere.

Bark of a Dog by Boz Digital Labs

This EQ stands out for its Mid-Side capabilities. I’m a big fan of this - it makes Mid-Side EQing really easy. It gives options to only use the Mids or the Sides and allows you to mix the signals together.

It has 3 modes ranging in subtlety, giving you options ranging from a transparent to a hard EQ.

Panipulator by Boz Digital Labs

This plugin allows you to play with the phase and the L/R balance of stereo tracks. To me, this plug-in takes the place of using a channel strip for phase correction and is much easier to work with.

While it doesn’t do much more than that, it serves its limited purpose very well.

Width Knob by Boz Ditial Labs

While only available for stereo tracks, this stereo imager is interesting. It can add a slight width, not super wide but noticeable, but interesting enough it allows you to thin the stereo image of a track. In addition, you can flip the L/R channel images.

Like stated above, it’s only available for application on stereo tracks.

Diabolo Lite by Cymatics

This is a transient enhancer used best on drum tracks. It adds a nice punch to your track. It effects the lows a lot more than the highs, so proceed with caution and make sure you don’t over power your mix with lows.

The initial transients do get distorted when this plugin kicks in, making it good for genres like rock, metal, or hip hop.

The full version of this plugin is available for purchase.

Atmos Panner by Dolby

If you’re like me and only have a single pair of speakers and headphones, this plugin isn;t super useful. You have to have an Atmos setup for this to work.

While I couldn’t test this plugin out due to limited gear, reviews say that it is a very helpful tool when it comes to 5.1 mixing.

Retro Decimator Unit by Inphonik

We’ve come to my favorite plugin on this list. This plugin is kind of a bitcrusher but kind of a decimator - it’s having an identity crisis. That being said, I LOVE the sounds this creates. If you want that 8-bit gritty video game sound, this is the perfect plugin. It adds the jarring sound of a bitcrusher without being to tinny and hurting your ears. 

The one downside is that it adds a bunch of white noise to the track. While this is certainly adding to the analog textures it creates, I do wish there was an option to remove this noise. This plugin is only stereo compatible.

Pendulate by Newfangled Audio

This is a great free software instrument. Coming with lots of presets, it’s very versatile and pretty straightforward.

The GUI is fun to play with - I found myself creating sounds that looked cool more than those that sounded cool.

Piano Verb by PSP

I was a bit underwhelmed by this plugin. It’s your run-of-the-mill reverb plugin. You can get decent piano reverbs out of it, I just believe there are better options for piano reverbs out there.

The detune function it has is interesting and allows you to create old-timey ragtime piano sounds.

Muteomatic by Soundradix

This is an automatic talkback muter. I’ve spent many a session talking to myself because I forgot to press the talkback button. This plugin allows you to keep the button on, muting the microphone automatically by reading the audio signal coming in from your musicians.

This is only handy in the situations when you need a talkback mic. For mixing or mastering, this plugin is absolutely useless.

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