Exporting Video in Cubase 10.5

Video by A. Steynberg. Outline by Maya Wagner. 

In this video, Althea shows us the how-to export video right from Cubase! This feature is available in Cubase version 10.5 and later. Follow along with this outline:

  • First, be sure that under the Transport menu you have “video follows edit more” checked off so that your video will follow its markers. 
  • Next, create markets at In/Out points of the video (be sure to be exact so that your video is exported at the correct length).
  • Go to File > Export Video
  • In the Export Video window, set your export settings (video size, quality, option to include SMPTE, etc).

  • Set an export path so that you know where your video is on your hard drive. 
  • Export!


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Thu, May 19th 2022