Creating Repeats in Finale

by Zach Cabral

Looking to create repeats in Finale? You’ve come to the right place!

 First, you must choose the repeat tool.

Then you click on where you want to put the start of your repeat. When you do click on the measure, the Repeat Selection dialogue box will show up (pictured down and right). Since you are selecting the beginning of your repeat, you’ll choose the forward graphic repeat.

Once you click select there will be a forward repeat bracket in your score! Just repeat this process again except with the ending to create an ending.

If you want to use the “Back Ending” and “Ending” for multiple repeats with different endings, make sure you put the Back Ending on the measure where you want and then place the Ending in the measure immediately afterward. 


You can also create D.C.'s and D.S.’s if you so desire with this tool. If you wanted to learn more about this and other topics then sign up for peer training on the library’s website by going to


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Thu, Apr 14th 2022