Creating and Bouncing From Mix Tracks in Cubase

Video by A. Steynberg. Outline by Maya Wagner.

In this post, Althea shares how to route audio to a "mix" track and how to bounce from there using Cubase. This is useful for scoring video and exporting music without the movie's audio. 

Follow along with this outline:

  1. With instruments loaded, head to the mixing console and select all tracks but the movie audio or movie dialogue track. 
  2. Control + click and add a group track (Add Group Channel to Selected Channels).
  3. Name the track "mix" or "MX OUT" so that you know this is your music mix track. 
  4. Now, all of your selected tracks should be routed with their output to the music out track you just created!
  5. Test by playing your sequence and dragging the slider on the mix track; this should adjust the volume of the entire collection of tracks you routed to the mix track. 
  6. Navigate to export > audio session and select only the music out track you just created in the left-hand "Channel Selection" box. 
  7. Set correct naming convention and click "export," and you are done!


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Thu, Apr 14th 2022