Creative Technology Center

Creative Technology Center Stations

Located on the first floor of the library at 150 Mass Ave, the Creative Technology Center (CTC) is open to all college and conservatory students, regardless of major or field of study. The CTC provides workstations along with a catalog of hardware available for circulation. The CTC assists students with technical questions and facilitates collaboration and experimentation.


  • iMac Pro workstations with music and multimedia production software.
  • Laptop workstations with external displays and keyboard/mouse.
  • Synthesizers, MIDI controllers, audio interfaces and more.
  • Technology training via classes, workshops and one-on-one peer training.


Immersive Technology Lab

Located at the CTC, the Immersive Technology Lab (ITL) exposes visitors to emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), 360º video and other immersive media. The ITL is available for students, faculty and staff to visit individually or reserve for group VR time, class visits and presentations.


  • PC workstations with audio, multimedia, game production and VR software.
  • Room scale VR systems.
  • VR headsets, ambisonic mics, 360º cameras and more for circulation.
  • Presentation and workshop space wired for quadraphonic sound.


Library Labs

Located on the second floor of the library at 150 Mass Ave, the labs provide additional workstations for individual work in music and research.


  • iMacs with music production software and midi controllers.
  • Music Technology and Library instruction via group glasses.
  • Bookable 20 person capacity room for student group meetings and presentations.