Skype Call with Mike Morasky

Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 6:00pm
150 Mass Ave, Media Center

Mike Morasky, game composer well known for his work at Valve on the Portal and Team Fortress games joined us via Skype to discuss his career, creative work and where he feels the future of gaming is headed. After a successful career in animation, with credits including work on the Lord of the Rings franchise, Mike found himself wanting to get back into music as his background was originally as a performing and recording musician. This led him to Valve, where he is still actively involved in composing for their many games. He shared a little bit of what it is like in the day to day of working at Valve, including the tools he uses (Nuendo, Vienna Symphonic Library) and also the various types of music he referenced when composing for Team Fortress 2, including garage rock, spy rock, jazz, spaghetti western and klezmer genres. Virtual reality was a topic he discussed at some length, and how music may or may not fit into that platform in the future. Mike provided tangible advice for those wanting to get started in the game field, particularly the need for technical, communication and collaboration skills.