Polishing Your Score: Mockups, Mixes, & Dubs

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 - 6:00pm
150 Mass Ave, Media Center

With tight deadlines, small budgets and ever more powerful DAWs, much music & sound for picture is produced entirely "in the box" in today's industry. The Women's Film Initiative presented a variety of techniques for getting the most out of an "in the box" production. Emily Joseph discussed considerations for making realistic sounding orchestral mockups. Command of MIDI functions such as continuous controllers, velocity crossfades and keyswitches are critical to creating a realistic sounding virtual instrument, in this case Vienna Ensemble. Emily gave examples of the use of those as well as some EQ and reverb considerations when mixing a mockup. Natalia Perez shared a Pro Tools session with sounds for a video game. The main points she brought up were placing sounds in space, whether background, middleground or foreground along with the advantage of using clip gain to adjust sound levels as opposed to riding fader levels in the mixer. Finally, Victoria Ruggiero defined dubs and explained the dubbing stage, where dialogue, sound and music is combined together for the final soundtrack mix.