Mixing with Waves Plug-Ins

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 6:00pm
150 Mass Ave, Media Center

Audio engineer and Waves specialist Luke Smith visited to showcase their excellent plug-ins and highlighted a variety of effective techniques for mixing along thew way. While he used Pro Tools, these ideas would be applicable to any DAW. For example, on an acoustic folk rock track, Luke showed a unique technique, centered around using Waves' new DBX-160 compressor to parallel compress the kick drum, evening out the dynamics, then following that with a multi band expander centered around 6kHz, bring out the click transient of the drum. The result was a smooth kick with an attack to cut through, but without the high hat and snare bleed one might get if an EQ was used to boost at that same frequency. Luke also got much of use out of the many analog modeled plug-ins that Waves makes, such as the NLS channel, Butch Vig vocals, Kramer Master tape and ADT. These plug-ins can be transparent, or pushed to provide some of the compression and harmonic excitement that real world consoles and tape machines added to mixes and is often missed in the surgically clean world of the modern DAW.