Future is Female

Friday, February 23, 2018 - 1:00pm
150 Mass Ave, Media Center
with Sirintip - vocalist, composer & GroundUP Music recording artist
co-sponsored by the Women in Jazz Collective
Future is Female even for us
Future is Female Everywhere
Future is Female (Art), Hell Yeah!
Join us as visiting artist Sirintip discusses finding your voice as a composer and performer through the lens of being a woman. Topics will include practical tips on leading bands, knowing how to take your space but at the same time having other women’s back and the importance of community empowerment.
Sirintip’s remarkable debut album Tribus was produced by three-time Grammy winner Michael League of Snarky Puppy. It’s an exciting, eclectic work that touches on pop, R&B, electronic and jazz, while creating a sound uniquely its own. If you catch her live, Sirintip will be working with a quintet, while also using a guitar pedal board to create different vocal effects. “People are programmed to listen to the human voice first. By manipulating my sound with my electronics, I can create a sound landscape behind a solo … without creating unnecessary attention.”
Sirintip has worked with a wide spectrum of artist from all over the world in a variety of genres such as Benny Andersson (ABBA), Mark Guiliana (David Bowie), as well as Bill Laurance, Michael League & Robert "Sput" Searight from Snarky Puppy.
GroundUP Music was founded in 2012 by bandleader Michael League who started GroundUP as a new home for his group Snarky Puppy. The GroundUP label makes music, produces films, create merchandise, build media and much more.