Film Scoring with Digital Performer

Friday, February 20, 2015 - 1:00pm
150 Mass Ave, Media Center

Digital Performer is a sophisticated and comprehensive tool for film composers, with many distinct features not found in any other DAW. Beginning with a DP production mockup session file drawn from a cue in the major motion picture The Hobbit MOTU Product Specialist, Dave Roberts presented an in-depth look at film scoring features in DP. These including syncing a sequence to a film and SMPTE timecode, creating markers and calculating tempos, notation, and adding punches and streamers. Finally, he discussed DP’s unique Chunks feature, where multiple sequences can saved in a single session file. This is a major asset for film composers writing music for multiple cues in a single film and one of several features that keeps DP in the forefront of music tools when composing to picture.