Eat What You Have In The Kitchen

Monday, July 23, 2018 - 1:00pm
150 Mass Ave, Media Center

presented by award winning sound designer Pam Aronoff

With so many tools and techniques available, students planning to start a career in sound design can often lose sight of the real skills that employers are looking for. In many cases its not all about having the latest and greatest tools, but having the creative vision to support the needs of a project. Berklee Alumna Pam Aronoff has had a successful career working with some on the top sound design companies in Los Angeles and on award winning game projects. In her presentation, Pam will talk about her work on the Electronic Arts mobile game Plants vs Zombies 2 and consider some of the challenges in designing for a new game or expanding a previously designed title, and on how to create an original voice in game audio. She will share a bit of her history in sound design and music, and she will be discussing the important role of relationships and collaboration among artists working in the entertainment industry.


Pam Aronoff is a multi-award winning sound designer, composer and soundscape artist whose credits include Plants VS Zombies 2, Rock Band, South Park, Chronicles of Riddick, Terminator 3 “Rise of the Machines,” as well as working closely with iconic editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, STAN LEE. She was co-composer and vocalist on a Swarovski commercial which won the New York and U.S International Film & Video festivals. Her experimental audio work has been shown at MOMA and Disney Hall. She received her B.M. from Berklee School of Music & MFA from Cal Arts and believes that ALL mediums are created equal.

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