Digital Entrepreneurship within Music Technology

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 6:00pm
150 Mass Ave, Media Center
presented by Filipe Michael Mora, '13
Whether you're creative, technically minded, or both; this workshop promises to challenge your perspective of digital music technology outside of Berklee.  Join us as we discuss the in's and out's of developing mobile music technology and the practicalities of putting your creative efforts to work on and off the stage. Partnering your musical talents with the constantly changing world of music technology may be simpler than you think.
This workshop will provide a glimpse into how Filipe Michael Mora '13 was able to take his Electronic Production & Design final project from concept to design and ultimately from product to market. Hear firsthand how he launched his Dream Foot music app while gaining a better understanding of the innovative technology available in the app store. Learn how a college project utilizing MaxMSP Jitter became a popular app in use by musicians around the world.
Filipe Michael Mora, '13 is an active musician live and in the studio. He maintains a full touring schedule, traveling the world with popular Christian Latin bands. He is the creator and founder of Dream Foot Experience, a music software company. This app allows musicians to control a keyboard which triggers chords and progressions using a MIDI controller. Filipe also works with Loop Community developing premium sequenced multitracks and he currently serves as the Music Director for Christ Church in New Jersey.