Ableton Live 10 - Latest & Greatest Features

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 6:00pm
150 Mass Ave, Media Center
Join us for a look at all of the fresh new features in Ableton Live 10. Discover the latest instruments and effects with Wavetable, Echo, Drum Buss and Pedal. See new workflow enhancements in action. Perhaps best of all, Max for Live is now included in Live 10 suite.
Wavetable is a new synthesizer built by Ableton. Shape, stretch and morph sounds using wavetables derived from analog synths, and a range of other instruments and sounds.
Echo brings together the sound of classic analog and digital hardware delays in a single device.
Drum Buss is a one-stop workstation for drums, capable of adding subtle character or bending and breaking drums to your will.
With separate circuit-level models of overdrive, distortion and fuzz guitar pedals, Pedal brings the character of analog stomp boxes to Live. 
Create groups within groups! Mix with greater flexibility—process individual group elements, a subgroup or an entire bus.
Max technology is now fully integrated into Live 10 Suite. New devices and capabilities bring more possibilities for musicians and device developers. Using Max For Live is simpler, quicker and more reliable than ever before.