Under The Hood: Vocal Mechanics with Berklee faculty Clare McLeod

Under the Hood: Vocal Mechanics with Clare McLeod

Your sound is the result of a dynamic process in which several parts of your body interact.  In this session, you'll develop your understanding of the structures that make up the quality of your voice and strengthen your versatility.  This is a session for any voice user (you) who wants the low down on achieving consistent results.  You'll target specific strategies for extending range, and take the fear and guesswork out of singing.  Operating from a thorough understanding of how the voice works, Clare will help you deepen your connection to your instrument, your material and your audience.  Gain confidence in your ability to deliver performances you will be proud of!

Clare McLeod graduated from Berklee in 2004 and is now an assistant professor in the Voice Department. A member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, she holds a Certificate of Figure Proficiency from the Estill Voice Training System and is a Certified Master Teacher candidate. In addition to teaching at Berklee, she presents voice clinics regularly in Los Angeles, Colorado and Austin and continues to study developments in the voice research field.

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