Music and our Emotions with Susan Rogers and Suzanne Hanser

Music and Our Emotions with Susan Rogers and Suzanne Hanser

How does music move us? Faculty members Suzanne Hanser and Susan Rogers present research on music and emotions.
Music reflects the human social-emotional brain, but how? Is music a cognitive fashion accessory—something that the advanced brain does for fun? Or does music tap a powerful emotional mechanism in the human brain? How do we regulate emotions with music and why do we listen to sad songs? Susan Rogers will present leading researchers' thoughts on how and why music and emotions are linked and discuss the implications for music-makers.
Music moves us in ways that are both obvious and mysterious. In her work as a clinical music therapist and researcher, Suzanne Hanser presents a variety of clinical cases whereby people are deeply moved by music, to the extent that they overcome deep physical and emotional distress. She presents research to support changes in emotion, and poses theories to explain how music gains its power to influence the way we feel.