Medieval Cantigas: Inspiration for Improvisation and Composition with New England Conservatory faculty Cristi Catt

Improvisation. Covers. Killer hooks.  Come sing, play and experience them through the lense of early music performer, improviser, arranger and collaborator Cristi Catt!

Singers, instrumentalists, songwriters and composers are invited to this workshop that explores the hauntingly beautiful Galician Portuguese cantigas de amigo, part of a dialogue between oral and written music that is still present in folk tradition, fado and composed music. The tunes lend themselves to individual interpretation and improvisation that can be a source of inspiration for new compositions. Cristi will share her experience with these songs as a performer, improviser, arranger and collaborator with composers and singer songwriters. Participants will have the opportunity to sing, play and improvise with the melodies and modes of these unique songs.   

Cristi specializes in mixing contemporary, world, and early vocal music, has performed throughout the U.S., Europe and South America, and is a co-founder of the internationally renowned vocal ensemble Tapestry.  Her interest in medieval and world traditions has led to research grants to Portugal and southern France, and performances with Le Bon Vent, Balmus and HourGlass, The L.A.Times writes “the stunning solo excursions by Cristi Catt were as radiant and exciting as any singing I’ve heard all season.” while Fanfare Magazine states “Cristi Catt's vocals are both soulful and ethereal.” Cristi serves on the faculty of New England Conservatory in the department of Contemporary Improvisation and has recordings with Telarc International, German Label, MDG, Epact and Erato/Time Warner.

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