Listen to This

Join Berklee student Thompson Egbo-Egbo and Tufts researcher Kathleen Camara in a discussion about modern urban music education.
Shootings. Rape. Mysterious blood splatters. Is the tooth fairy real? These are some of the conversation topics for eight- and nine-year-olds in the Jane-Finch area of Toronto. While their single mothers struggle to make rent, the kids often fend for themselves.
Pianist Thompson Egbo-Egbo, once such a kid himself, starts a music program at a school in the inner-city neighborhood. He and three other musicians work with the students one-on-one to help them find their voice. For some, it’s the first time anyone has had the time to really listen to them. But as the kids open up, the mentors realize that connecting to their students is more complicated than they thought.
Join us for the screening of Listen to This, which documents Egbo-Egbo's educational outreach. After the screening Camara, director of YouthBEAT Research on Music and Youth Development, will briefly present her research on the impact of music on urban youth in Boston. Both Camara and Egbo-Egbo will answer questions and share their experiences. 

Watch this documentary by requesting DVD 4704 from the Media Center.

Creating Community (with Thompson Egbo-Egbo & Kathleen Camara)

Group Non-instrumental Music Programs (with Thompson Egbo-Egbo)

Introduction to YouthBEAT (with Kathleen Camara)