Hearing Ourselves: Cultural Media Literacy with special guest Ukumbwa Sauti

Hearing Ourselves: Cultural Media Literacy

Appropriate or appropriation? Exchange or exaction?

Come connect the dots between music lyrics & video and the cultural content & messaging it sends. From pop tunes to the scoring of westerns, war films and movies that feature indigenous peoples, from Disney to Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner, join us as we dive into the subtext of one of our most powerful forms of communication. 

Ukumbwa Sauti has been teaching Cultural Media Studies and Video Production for 14 years.  His educational focus, research and activism has centered around the social implications of televisual, cinematic and advertising narratives, looking deeply into issues of culture (indigenous and modern), race and nation, gender, sexual orientation, politics, the environment and climate change. Ukumbwa has authored and contributed to a number of blogs. He holds a Masters Degree in Education and and has taught courses related to racial justice, cultural media literacy and television and video production for Boston University and New England Institute of Art.

Cosponsored by the Stan Getz Library and the Office for Diversity and Inclusion

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