Deconstructing Dad (a part of the Together Festival)

You may not know his name...but you know his music. Part of the Together Festival, the film Deconstructing Dad tells the story of maverick musician Raymond Scott from his son's perspective.
Raymond Scott (1908-1994) was one of the most prolific and central figures in 20th century music, with a career that began in the 1930s swing/big-band era, and continued through the experimental electronic music age of the 1970s.
Although Scott was a famous figure during the mid-twentieth century, and currently has a dedicated cult following (that includes some of the most renowned artists in the music world), his name—not his music—remains largely unknown to the general public.
But now there is a documentary film about this maverick musician, composer, inventor, and electronic music pioneer that will help raise awareness of the under-appreciated visionary.
Deconstructing Dad tells the story of Scott’s life and career from a unique perspective, that of his only son, Stan Warnow.
Stan will be on-hand at the screening for questions and discussion afterward. 

The Together Festival, founded in 2009, is a week-long series of events around the Boston area. It showcases music, art, and technology through a night-time events schedule that showcases local, national and international music talent; and a daytime event schedule featuring discussion panels, technology demonstrations, art installations, a tradeshow/expo, and film screenings.

Watch this documentary by requesting DVD 6160 from the Media Center.​
Deconstructing Dad