Beats of the Antonov: Music, Identity and War in the Sudan

Beats of the Antonov

What can music do in the face of a refugee crisis?

Join us for a glimpse into the everyday life of the Sudanese, who, although they have lost kin, homes and farms, improvise ways to continue harvesting their crops and raising cattle. The filmmaker weaves together the voices of militants, social workers, intellectuals and everyday people to tell the story of refugees reclaiming their humanity in the midst of a complex conflict. "I named the film after the Antonov, a Russian airplane bombing the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile," he says. "'Beats' refers to the sound of the bombing — people are running and they are scared — but 'beats' also refers to the music that heals people."

With special guest Asim Gorahi 

Hosted by the Stan Getz Library as a part of the Signature Series at Berklee. Check out other Sudanese events including BPC concert Al-Murtaja: A Celebration of Sudanese Music.