All Ages: the Boston hardcore film

Punk never disappeared; it just went underground. Come see the groundbreaking film that peels back the cover on the early Boston hardcore scene. Post-screening Q&A with Chris Foley '87, Drew Stone, and Duane Lucia.
The conventional story of post-Sex Pistols punk goes something like this: after the Clash broke up, punk disappeared. Ten years later, Nirvana suddenly exploded out of nowhere. However, punk never actually disappeared; it simply went underground. 
Whether forming bands, opening clubs, or starting zines, members of this community were united by their desire to escape the cookie-cutter lives they were told were their only option. This music, this culture, changed lives by providing an outlet through which to unleash creativity and discover who one really was—and, ultimately, how to be that person at all times.
Join us for this documentary of the early Boston hardcore scene with special guests Chris Foley '87, director Drew Stone, and executive producer Duane Lucia.

Wednesday, August 1, 6-8pm
150 Massachusetts Ave, Media Lab

Watch this documentary by requesting DVD 5255 from the Media Center.