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This free-reed keyboard instrument was first manufactured Hohner in Trossingen in 1958.
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CDs on display DVDs on display: Books and Periodicals on display:
"Woodrow Wilson Guthrie was a short, wiry guy with a mop of curly hair under a cowboy hat, as I first saw him. He'd stand with his guitar slung on his back, spinning out stories like Will Rogers, with a faint, wry grin.
Win the concert ukulele in the display case, generously donated by the Music Emporium!
The Hunger Games, The Muppets, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo... What do these movies have in common?
The harmonica, sometimes called a harp or mouth organ, is a mouth-blown instrument sounded with free reeds (one for each note). The simplest instruments are diatonic, with a single row of channels cut into a block of cedar or now often of plastic. Two metal plates, one mounted above the block and the other below, carry a reed for each note (making 20 reeds in all), the upper plate with the reeds set to sound on blow, the lower plate to sound on draw.
Play Along with the Stan Getz Library
Whether escaping the heat, hanging out with friends, or spending romantic evening with a special someone, going to the movies is a part of summer.


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