Keep Using the Library as an Alum

Whether you are graduating or just leaving Berklee after completing at least one semester, Berklee considers you an alumna or alumnus. Once you register with Alumni Affairs for a new pass, you can continue to borrow from the library.
Just think of all the CDs you didn't have time to listen to or books you were too busy to read when bogged down with classes. Or maybe you want to keep your chops up with our play-along books or expand your range of techniques with our method books without worrying about getting graded. If you're embarking on your career, we have lots of professional resources.

The one catch is that you'll need to return all overdue materials and pay down excessive fines before we'll let you start borrowing again.

Contact Alumni Affairs to get your Alumni pass, then stop in for a copy of our Alumni Services brochure to get the details on your library privileges and activate the pass with the library.

Even if you're leaving Boston, you can still take advantage of our collection. We lend books and scores from our main collection via interlibrary loan. In the same way that we could request books on your behalf from other libraries when you were a student, you can have your local public library borrow books from us on your behalf from your new home. You'll make requests at your home library, but having catalog information from us will be helpful for them to arrange for the loan.