Hot CDs Every Week

Each week, the library adds all new additions to the top 50 Billboard album charts to our collection. For hot, new releases, this means that we acquire them a week and a half after their release date. For example, we just got Trigga by Trey Songz (CD 37483), and we'll be getting Sia's new hit album 1000 Forms of Fear by the end of the week. Once we've added all the new releases, we update the weekly Billboard list and post it with call numbers at the Media Center service desk.

There are a few exceptions. If we can't acquire an album locally, it will take a few days longer to get a copy for our collection. Due to legal restrictions, we can only get physical CDs, not download-only materials. And we don't bother with albums that are only previously-released material such as the Now series.

We also collect other recordings that are likely to be of interest to the Berklee community, including new releases that don't hit the charts, reissues and other efforts to fill holes in our collection. This isn't as time-sensitive a process.

You can see highlights on our Recent Acquisitions page, updated monthly. If there's something else you'd like us to consider purchasing, fill in the request book at the Media Center service desk or use the online form to recommend a purchase for the library.