Getting Scholarly About Gaga

In response to a recent essay by Ted Gioia claiming that most current popular music criticism was insubstantial because it is lifestyle reporting rather than a technical examination of the music, Owen Pallett has been writing a series of articles for Slate using music theory to explain the popularity of recent hit songs. His latest target:

“Bad Romance,” Great Tritone: Explaining the genius of Lady Gaga—using music theory

Pallett isn't the only person giving Lady Gaga the scholarly once-over. While Gioia might take issue with writers from such disciplines as cultural studies, art and fashion as well as music devoting their attention to her, it is because Lady Gaga takes such a deliberate approach to all those aspects of her career that she is garnering such interest. You'll find an academic examination of her work in the newly-published Lady Gaga and Popular music: Performing Gender, Fashion, and Culture edited by Martin Iddon and Melanie L. Marshall, available in our eBook collection.

And while this is old news, staff at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame explained the preservation challenges with Lady Gaga's meat dress before putting it on display.