Audio Interviews with Artists on Rock's Backpages

Want to here Johnny Cash discuss his career revival in his own weathered voice, Lionel Hampton talk about joining Bennie Goodman or legendary producer and engineer Phil Ramone expound on the challenges of remastering? Then give a listen to Rock's Backpages Audio collection. While the bulk of this online resource is full-text articles magazine articles, many of which are not available online elsewhere, it also includes a sizeable chunk of streaming audio interviews. Most are with artists, but record company executives, producers and other behind-the-scenes names are represented. Each interview includes a brief synopsis of the topics covered, and they are rated for audio quality, the highest being "broadcast." In most cases, these interviews were the raw materials for crafting a written piece, so you'll get the full, unedited version of what the speakers had to saw, possibly with background noise or verbal asides. While most were recorded in the last 15 years, some are from earlier in the artists' careers, such as a 1970 radio interview with the Grateful Dead and a pre-Doolittle‚Äč interview the Pixies.

Especially if you are looking for primary sources or want to appreciate the words straight from the subjects' mouths, with all the nuances of verbal tics, accents and cadences, give these a listen.