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Music Education Intro: Standards and Framework

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Periodicals About Music Education

Selected magazines and journals from the library's collection
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American String Teacher 
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Image:Resizedimage.americanstring.jpeg From the publisher:
The American String Teacher's Association (or ASTA) is a professional organization based in the United States for music teachers. It is the largest such national organization in the US for string teachers.[1] It promotes learning to play string instruments in the next generation of American students, and also aims to place those students into orchestras as they grow more proficient.
Council for Research in Music Education 
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Image:Bulletin.resizedimage.jpeg From the publisher:
The Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education provides a forum where contemporary research is made accessible to all with interest in music education. The Bulletin contains current research, and reviews of interest to the international music education profession.

Contributions to Music Education 
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Image:Contribs.resizedimage.jpeg From the publisher:
A refereed journal published by the members of the Ohio Music Education Association in recognition of the importance of research in guiding educational practice.
International Journal of Music Education 
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Image:Internationaljournal.resizedimage.jpeg From the publisher:
Research comprises scholarly reports that enhance knowledge regarding the teaching and learning of music with a special interest toward an international constituency. Practice publishes articles relevant to advancing the practice of music teaching and learning at all age levels with issues of direct concern to the classroom or studio, in school and out, private and group instruction.



Selected books from the library's collection
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Spotlight on General Music: Teaching Toward the Standards 
MT3.U5 S633 2007  Check Availability
Image:spotlight-on-general-music.jpg From the publisher:
"General music teachers at all levels—elementary, middle school, and high school—will find ideas, suggestions, and lesson plans for teaching to the National Standards in this publication. Includes sections on teaching each of the nine standards, as well as chapters about general music, assessment, and alternative strategies such as Orff and Kodály. Article topics include singing, composition, improvisation, and guitar."
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Opportunity-to-learn standards for music instruction : grades preK-12 : curriculum and scheduling, staffing, materials and equipment, facilities by Music Educators National Conference
MT1 .M873 O6 1994  Check Availability
Image:Opportunity-to-learn-standards.jpg From the publisher:
"Recommends the conditions schools should provide in order to achieve both the National Standards for Music Education in grades K-12 and the MENC standards for music education in prekindergarten."
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Incorporating Assessment and the National Standards for Music Education in Everyday Teaching by Loretta Niebur
MT3.U5 N5 2001  Check Availability
Image:‎  incorporating-assessment.jpg From the publisher:
"Niebur (clarinetist and teacher) reveals how four music educators struggle with the issues concerning close monitoring of the progress of students without compromise to their beliefs about what music education ought to be for children. With a focus on elementary general music and music teachers, the chapters show what the teachers do, the nature of their work and thinking, and the conclusions they draw about how standards and assessment fit into their work."
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Selected books from the library's collection
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Music Advocacy: Moving From Survival to Vision by John L. Benham
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Image:advocacy.resizedimage.jpeg From the publisher:
Dr. Benham's new book is a must-have for every music department in the United States at both the K-12 and collegiate levels. His theory of reverse economics along with his guidance have saved the music education experiences for thousands and thousands of students as well as many careers in the field.
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Music Advocacy and Student Leadership: Key Components of Every Successful Music Program: A Collection of Writings by Music Educators National Conference
LB2806 .L38 M87 2005  Check Availability
Image:leadership.resizedimage.jpeg From the publisher:
Tim Lautzenheiser, one of the most sought-after speakers on education and leadership in the United States, comes to the rescue yet again.

He covers music advocacy, student leadership, and teacher responsibilities with insight, detail—and his trademark sense of humor!

The chapters in Music Advocacy and Student Leadership represent some of the best of his published writings and lectures.

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