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LHUM-100 Visiting Artists Spring 2011

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Henry Diltz (February 6-12)

Henry Diltz – rock ‘n roll photographer

In the world of rock n’ roll photographers, there are none as extraordinary as Henry Diltz. A founding member of the Modern Folk Quartet, Diltz is as much at home as a musician on tour, as he is a visual historian of the last four decades of popular music. The rapport he’s developed with his musician friends, along with his down-to-earth-grin and frequent laugh, enables him to capture the candid shots that convey a rare feeling of trust and intimacy with his subjects. For Diltz, the pictures began with a $20 second-hand Japanese camera purchased on tour with the Modern Folk Quartet. When MFQ disbanded, he embarked on his photographic career with an album cover for The Lovin’ Spoonful. Despite his lack of formal training, Diltz easily submerged himself in the world of music: the road, the gigs, the humor, the social consciousness, the psychedelia, the up and down times. For over 40 years, his work has graced hundreds of album covers and has been featured in books, magazines and newspapers. His unique artistic style has produced powerful photographic essays of Woodstock, The Monterey Pop Festival, The Doors, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Jimi Hendrix and scores of other legendary artists. Diltz continues his distinguished career, generating new and vibrant photographs that inspire the rock n’ roll fan in each of us.
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Events at Berklee:

  • Monday, February 7, 4:00pm-5:50pm - 939 Café
  • Thursday, February 10, 9:00am-10:50am - 939 Café
  • Friday, February 11, 9:00am-10:50am - DFRH

Ernie Isley (February 27-March 5)

Ernie Isley – guitarist, singer, songwriter (and drummer)

‘Guitarist, drummer, singer, songwriter Ernie Isley infused the Isley Brothers with a Jimi Hendrix-like virtuosity that took the veteran R&B group into a more rockin' direction, earning 11 gold and five platinum albums. Later as a member of Isley/Jasper/Isley, he sang lead on the R&B hit "Look the Other Way," and scored a number one R&B hit with "Caravan of Love." Much of his work can be heard on The Ultimate Isley Brothers, issued by Sony Music Entertainment on October 17, 2000.

‘Born March 7, 1952, in Cincinnati, OH, Ernie grew up watching his older brothers Ronald, Rudolph, and O'Kelly have such hits as "Shout," "Twist and Shout," and "This Old Heart of Mine." As a teen, he began learning to play the drums. Around this time, he and his brothers moved to New Jersey. After hearing Jose Feliciano's 1968 classic, "Light My Fire," he picked up the guitar.

‘While visiting a sister who lived nearby, keyboardist Chris Jasper looked up his former Cincinnati neighbor. Every summer he and Ernie had gotten together and jammed. Another young Isley, Marvin Isley, joined them on bass, and the duo became a trio. The teenagers patterned themselves after the Young-Holt Unlimited and covered jazz, pop, and Motown. While they'd be in the basement rehearsing, the other Isleys would come down and encourage them, suggesting they go into the studio. This led to them recording some demo tracks with Ronald Isley singing lead.' This biography came from Artist Direct.

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Events at Berklee:

  • Monday, February 28, 4:00pm-5:50pm - 939 Café
  • Thursday, March 3, 9:00am-10:50am - 939 Café
  • Friday, March 4, 9:00am-10:50am - 939 Café

Victor Wooten (April 6-9)

Liberal Arts Symposium Keynote Speaker

Victor Wooten – Grammy Award-winning bassist, teacher, author

Victor Wooten, five time Grammy Award-winning bassist, is known for his solo work and his work as a member of Béla Fleck & The Flecktones.

Wooten is also a skilled naturalist and teacher, a published author, magician, husband and father of four. His book, The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth through Music (Berkley/Penguin 2006), teaches us that the gifts we get from music mirror those from life, and every movement, phrase, and chord has its own meaning, as long as we remain open to finding it. Victor Wooten has won most every major award given to a bass guitarist. He was voted Bassist of the Year by Bass Player Magazine three times and is the only person to have won the award more than once. The youngest sibling of the five amazing Wooten brothers (Regi, Roy, Rudy and Joseph), Victor began playing music very early in life. Growing up in a military family in which his older brothers all played and sang, Victor began his musical journey under the tutelage of his oldest brother Regi. Realizing that the family band would be complete if they had a bass player, ten-year-old Regi began showing two-year-old Victor how to play. By the time he was 3, Victor was performing neighborhood concerts with his brothers in the front yard of their home in Hawaii. At age six, he was touring with his brothers as the opening band for soul legend Curtis Mayfield. After living in Sacramento, CA, a few years, the family moved east where the Wooten Brothers continued to hone their skills playing countless clubs and concerts along the east coast. This biography came from Victor Wooten's website.

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Events at Berklee:

  • Wednesday, April 6, 1:00pm-2:50pm - Master Class with Bela Fleck at the Berklee Performance Center (open)
  • Thursday, April 7, 9:00am-10:50am - Special session for Artistry, Creativity and Inquiry Seminar (LHUM-100) students, at the David Friend Recital Hall (ticketed)
  • Thursday, April 7, 1:00pm-3:00pm - Open rehearsal for the symposium, at the David Friend Recital Hall (open)
  • Friday, April 8, 9:30am-12:30pm - The 17th Annual Liberal Arts Symposium, at the David Friend Recital Hall (ticketed)