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Five Minds for the Future by Howard Gardner
Reserve BF432.3 .G365 2008  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_Five_Minds_for_the_Future.jpg‎ From Publisher's Weekly:
"Psychologist, author and Harvard professor Gardner...has put together a thought-provoking, visionary attempt to delineate the kinds of mental abilities ("minds") that will be critical to success in a 21st century landscape of accelerating change and information overload."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel Pink
Reserve BF408.P56 2006  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_A_Whole_New_Mind.jpg‎ From the author's website:
"A Whole New Mind reveals the six essential aptitudes on which professional success and personal fulfillment now depend, and includes a series of hands-on exercises culled from experts around the world to help readers sharpen the necessary abilities. This book will change not only how we see the world but how we experience it as well."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

The Shape of Content by Ben Shahn
Reserve N7445 .S516 1985  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_The_Shape_of_Content.jpg‎ From
"The first half of the book consists of four exquisitely written essays by Kao, Katzman, and Webster, [beautifully] illustrated with superb reproductions of Shahn's photographs and related materials, including detailed notes. The second half is an exhibition catalog with a wealth of quality reproductions of his paintings and photographs." - J. Natal (Choice)
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Nurtured by Love: The Classical Approach to Talent Education by Shinichi Suzuki
Reserve MT1 .S95 1983  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_Nurtured_by_Love.jpg‎ From
"In it the author presents the philosophy and principles of Suzuki's teaching methods. Through the examples from his own life and teaching, Suzuki establishes his case for early childhood education and the high potential of every human being, not just those seemingly gifted."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Shinichi Suzuki: His Speeches and Essays 
Reserve MT740 .S86 1998  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_His_Speeches_and_Essays.jpg‎ From
"Dr. Suzuki's writings and addresses, some of which are not generally available, are collected here to present his philosophies on the Mother Tongue Approach and the education of children with the Suzuki Method."
Women Ski by Claudia Carbone
Reserve GV854.34 .C37 1996  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_Womenski.jpg‎ From Midwest Book Review:
"WomenSki helps women understand how they can ski better and enjoy skiing as a life-long activity. Claudia Carone brings into clear focus decades of struggle with instruction, technique and equipment faced by women in a male-dominated sport."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green with W. Timothy Gallwey
Reserve ML3820 .G74 1986  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_Inner_Game_of_Music.jpg‎ From the author's website:
"The Inner Game, in terms of music, has to do with avoiding those voices of doubt, judgment, and confusion, so that we can listen to and feel the music as we play."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain by Oliver Sacks
Reserve ML3830 .S13 2007  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_Musicophilia.jpg‎ From
"[This book] examines the extreme effects of music on the human brain and how lives can be utterly transformed by the simplest of harmonies. With clinical studies covering the tragic (individuals afflicted by an inability to connect with any melody) and triumphant (Alzheimer's patients who find order and comfort through music), Sacks provides an erudite look at the notion that humans are truly a 'musical species.'" - Dave Callanan
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

The Courage to Create by Rollo May
Reserve BF408 .M33 1975  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_The_Courage_to_Create.jpg‎ From Publishers Weekly:
"A signal testimonial to the creative spirit. . . . A brilliantly incisive exploration of the creative 'encounter'—the coming to grips of the healthily committed creative artist or thinker with his sociocultural background and with his own dangerously Promethean impulses."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo
Reserve ML3877 .S8 1997  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_Zen_Guitar.jpg‎ From
"A student of Eastern philosophy and an avid guitar player, Philip Sudo realized that each of us carries a song inside that makes us unique. In [Zen Guitar], he shows readers how to find--and awaken--the song within. For professional musicians, amateur guitar enthusiasts, or music lovers who have never played a chord, this unique book sounds a theme of harmony that will resonate in all aspects of life."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Reserve BF408 .C75 1996  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_Creativity.jpg‎ From Publishers Weekly:
"Based on interviews with 91 internationally recognized creative people-among them Nobel physicist John Bardeen, arts administrator...this book offers a highly readable anatomy of creativity. As Csikzentmihalyi (Flow) argues, creativity requires not only unusual individuals, but a culture and field of experts that can foster and validate such work."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Zing!: Five Steps and 101 Tips for Creativity on Command by Sam Harrison
Reserve BF408 .H37 2004  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_Zing!.jpg‎ From
"A five-step process for generating big ideas in business, personal, and professional contexts is outlined in this high-energy guide to the creative process....Brainstorming tools, exercises, and action steps illustrate how to put creative tools into practice. The upbeat, conversational style of this guide encourages professionals in all disciplines to develop a competitive edge through creativity."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon--and the Journey of a Generation by Sheila Weller
Reserve ML400 .W35 2008  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_Girls_Like_Us.jpg‎ From Publishers Weekly:
"The epic story of three generational icons, this triple biography...examines the careers of singer-songwriters Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon, whose success reflected, enervated and shaped the feminist movement that grew up with them....A must-read for any fan of these artists, this bio will prove an absorbing, eye-opening tour of rock (and American) history for anyone who’s appreciated a female musician in the past thirty years."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound by Tara Rodgers
Reserve ML82 .R65 2010  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_Pink_Noises.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"Pink Noises brings together twenty-four interviews with women in electronic music and sound cultures, including club and radio DJs, remixers, composers, improvisers, instrument builders, and installation and performance artists....[This book] is a powerful testimony to the presence and vitality of women in electronic music cultures, and to the relevance of sound to feminist concerns."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

The Voice of Egypt: Umm Kulthūm, Arabic Song, and Egyptian Society in the Twentieth Century by Virgina Danielson
Reserve ML420.U46 D36 1997  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_The_Voice_of_Egypt.jpg‎ From
"Danielson examines the careful construction of Umm Kulthum's phenomenal popularity and success in a society that discouraged women from public performance....This richly descriptive account joins biography with social theory to explore the impact of the individual virtuoso on both music and society at large while telling the compelling story of one of the most famous musicians of all time."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield
Reserve BF408 .P74 2003  Check Availability
Image:Artistry_The_War_of_Art.jpg‎ From Library Journal:
"[This book] aims to inspire other writers, artists, musicians, or anyone else attempting to channel his or her creative energies. The focus is on combating resistance and living the destiny that Pressfield believes is gifted to each person by an all-powerful deity. While certainly of great value to frustrated writers struggling with writer's block, Pressfield's highly personal philosophy, soundly rooted in his own significant life challenges, has merit for anyone frustrated in fulfilling his or her life purpose."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life: A Practical Guide by Twyla Tharp, with Mark Reiter
Reserve BF408 .T43 2006  Check Availability
Image:Creative_Habit_LHUM_100(2).jpg‎ From School Library Journal:
"The dancer/choreographer draws heavily on her personal experiences to guide readers into cultivating habits that give birth to success. In addition, she recounts the experiences of artists from other disciplines, including painting and cinematography. Vignettes from the lives of people such as Mozart underline the fact that even geniuses work hard to realize the fruits of their labor. A personable tone is carried throughout the book, and within the text is a gold mine of advice. Tharp not only promotes tried-and-true habits, but also encourages readers to dig deep within themselves and come up with their own answers." - Sheila Shoup, Fairfax County Public Library, VA
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

The Complete Quincy Jones: My Journey & Passions by Quincy Jones
Reserve ML410.J66 A3 2008  Check Availability
Image:Complete_Quincy_Jones.jpg‎ From
"The Complete Quincy Jones examines the diverse virtuosity of Quincy Jones, celebrating his prolific contribution to American art and culture. Comprised of personal interviews and recollections with Jones, this collection peers behind the veil of celebrity, with extraordinary access to his creative inspirations and labors. Through private notebooks, correspondence, and photographs Jones offers unprecedented introspection into the depths of his creativity and the histories of his ventures. From the volumes of his memorabilia, Jones emerges as a contemplative and dynamic maestro, thriving on intuition and ceaselessly pursuing the soul of his art."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
Reserve PS3601.L335 F59 2003  Check Availability
Image:‎  Five_People_You_Meet_in_Heaven.jpg‎ From
"Eddie is a wounded war veteran, an old man who has lived, in his mind, an uninspired life. His job is fixing rides at a seaside amusement park. On his 83rd birthday, a tragic accident kills him, as he tries to save a little girl from a falling cart. He awakes in the afterlife, where he learns that heaven is not a destination. It's a place where your life is explained to you by five people, some of whom you knew, others who may have been strangers. One by one, from childhood to soldier to old age, Eddie's five people revisit their connections to him on earth, illuminating the mysteries of his 'meaningless' life, and revealing the haunting secret behind the eternal question: 'Why was I here?'"
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron
BF408 .C175 2002 and Reserve BF408 .C175 2002  Check Availability
Image:Artists_way.jpg‎ From the publisher:
"The Artist's Way is the seminal book on the subject of creativity. An international bestseller, millions of readers have found it to be an invaluable guide to living the artist's life. Still as vital today-or perhaps even more so-than it was when it was first published one decade ago, it is a powerfully provocative and inspiring work. In a new introduction to the book, Julia Cameron reflects upon the impact of The Artist's Way and describes the work she has done during the last decade and the new insights into the creative process that she has gained."
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg

Daily rituals : how artists work by Mason Currey
NX165.C87 2013  Check Availability
Image:Daily-rituals.jpg From the publisher:
Kafka is one of 161 inspired—and inspiring—minds, among them, novelists, poets, playwrights, painters, philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians, who describe how they subtly maneuver the many (self-inflicted) obstacles and (self-imposed) daily rituals to get done the work they love to do, whether by waking early or staying up late; whether by self-medicating with doughnuts or bathing, drinking vast quantities of coffee, or taking long daily walks.
More about this book: Googlebooksearch2.jpg