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Selected books from the library's collection
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The New Music Therapist's Handbook 
ML3920.H36 1999  Check Availability
Image:Newmusictherapist.jpg From the publisher:
An introduction to the field of Music Therapy featuring case studies, clinical applications with techniques, and guidelines for designing, implementing, and evaluating treatment programs.
An Introduction to Music Therapy: Theory and Practice 
Reserve ML3920 .D38 1999  Check Availability
Image:Intromt2.jpg From the publisher:
... high-quality guide to music therapy thought, research, and practice is the ideal text for a one semester overview and the perfect handbook for the practicing professional. You'll find that Davis, Gfeller, and Thaut's detailed descriptions of the populations most likely to receive music therapy are strongly supported by background material and extensive references...
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Music Therapy in Pediatric Healthcare: Research and Evidence-based Practice 
Reserve ML3920 .M875 2003  Check Availability
Image:Pediatric2.jpg From the publisher:
This growing body of research has enabled the music therapy profession to establish itself as a viable treatment modality for children in many areas, such as neurological rehabilitation and the use of music with premature infants.
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The Handbook of Music Therapy 
ML3920 .H266 2002  Check Availability
Image:Intromt4.jpg From the publisher:
This handbook traces the history of recent developments in music therapy and the range of current applications and outlines practical requirements for the work and some basic prerequisites for and philosophies of training.

Music Therapy Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Perspectives 
ML3920.M87 W4 1995  Check Availability
Image:Wheeler.jpg From the publisher:
. The book begins with an overview of issues in music therapy research, followed by a survey of the current literature; then different types of quantitative and qualitative research designs are described in detail, including philosophical and historical modes of inquiry.
Improvisation: Methods and Techniques for Music Therapy Clinicians, Educators, and Students 
MT68 .W53 2004  Check Availability
Image:Improvisation90.jpg‎ From the publisher:
Tony Wigram's practical and comprehensive guide and CD will prove indispensable to students, teachers, therapists and musicians. Notated examples allow readers to progress as they read and listen to the accompanying CD, adding another dimension to the structure and guidance provided for all levels of music student and therapist.
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Music Therapy Recommended Databases

The Music Therapy Recommended Databases page contains a number of specialized and general databases for use in finding music therapy articles.

Recommended Articles for Introduction to International Music Therapy Class

Introduction to International Music Therapy - Articles

These music therapy articles were chosen to provide support for course topics in MTH 201, Introduction to International Music Therapy

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Selected Journals from the library's collection

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Arts in Psychotherapy 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:M399-ArtsPsychotherapy.jpg‎ From the publisher:
The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles (including illustrations) by art, dance/movement, drama, music, and poetry psychotherapists, as well as psychiatrists, psychologists and creative arts therapists, that reflect the theory and practice of these disciplines.
The British Journal of Music Therapy 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:No_cover_image_available-MAGAZINE.jpg From the publisher:
The British Journal of Music Therapy contains articles written by music therapists on clinical work, theoretical issues and research and is published twice yearly.

The Journal of Music Therapy 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:M552-JMusicTherapy.jpg From the publisher:
The mission of the American Music Therapy Association is to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world.
Music Therapy Journal's Archive 
In Library Use Only  Check Availability
Image:Mtcdrom.jpg From the publisher:
Produced by the American Music Therapy Association, this CD-ROM contains every issue of the Journal of Music Therapy, Music Therapy, and Music Therapy Perspectives, in full text and printable, from 1964 through 2003.

Music Perception 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:Musicperception.jpg From the publisher:
Publishing original empirical and theoretical papers, methodological articles and critical reviews from renowned scientists and musicians, Music Perception is a repository of insightful research.
Music Therapy Perspectives 
Periodicals  Check Availability
Image:M595-MusicTherapyPerspectives.jpg From the publisher:
Designed to appeal to a wide readership, both inside and outside the profession of music therapy. Articles focus on music therapy practice, as well as academics and administration.

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