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Medical Music Therapy: A Model Program for Clinical Practice, Education, Training, and Research 
ML3920 .S747 M43 2005  Check Availability
Image:Medicalmts.jpg From the publisher:
This book should prove a valuable resource for those desiring to initiate a medical music therapy program, an Arts in Medicine program, a research program, or a music therapy clinical specialty area.
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Case Study Designs in Music Therapy 
ML3920.M87 D5  Check Availability
Image:Casestudydesigns.jpg From the publisher:
Research and clinical work are often perceived as opposites in the field of music therapy. This book shows, for the first time, how these two areas of work can creatively complement one another, proving beneficial to both disciplines.
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Effectiveness of Music Therapy Procedures 
Reserve ML3920 .E35 2000  Check Availability
Image:Mtclinicalbk7.jpg From the publisher:
This completely revised 3rd edition documents research and clinical practice in the profession. Review of literature on approaches in mental health, developmental disability, sensory impairments and rehabilitation.
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Clinical Guide to Music Therapy in Adult Physical Rehabilitation Settings 
ML3920 .W66 2004  Check Availability
Image:clinicalbk4.jpg From the publisher:
Elizabeth Wong, MT-BC presents tools and information designed to arm the entry-level music therapist (or an experienced MT-BC new to rehabilitation settings) with basic knowledge and materials to develop or work in a music therapy program treating people with stroke, brain injury, and those who are ventilator dependent.
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Effective Clinical Practice in Music Therapy: Music Therapy for Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Mental Disorders 
ML3920 .E34 2007  Check Availability
Image:Mentalhealth.jpg From the publisher:
This volume covers the wide range of mental disorder diagnoses and addresses specific populations such as forensic and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. How music therapy is used within each model is explored, including music psychotherapy, rehabilitation, behavioral approach, and transpersonal therapy.
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