How to read a call number

Read call numbers line by line, from left to right, and from top to bottom.

MP1630 . W7 2001 =


←   first line of a call number begins with one or two letters. These letters are read alphabetically



←   second line is made of a number that may have one or more digits. This line is read numerically, as a whole number



←   third line is the trickiest part of the call number! The letter is shelved alphabetically, and the number following the letter is treated as if it were preceded by a decimal



←   final lines of the call number may include dates and other annotations. These annotations are read after the call number

Call numbers can be quite long, e.g. ML1630.28 .N5 1995 v.3. Be sure to write down the COMPLETE call number when requesting an item!

What the first one or two letters of the call number mean:

M : Classical Music Scores

ML : Literature on Music

MP : Popular Music and Jazz Scores

MT : Musical Instruction and Study