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Jazz Player CDs
All CDs from: Jazz Player

All CDs are located in the library annex. Please ask at the circulation desk for assistance.

CDs available:
  • 2000: Volume 7
    • April/May: Number 2
    • February/March: Number 1

  • 1999: Volume 6
    • December/January: Number 6
and other miscellaneous CDS:
  • Contemporary Idioms (David Liebman Group)
  • Neo-Bop (David Demsey & Friends)
  • Hard Bop (Frank Bongiorno Septets), (Greg Yasinitsky Crosscurrent Quintet) - 2 discs
  • Jazz Variety 5-Pak (Jeff Holmes Quintet)
  • Afro-Cuban Brazilian Jazz (The Gary Campbell Miami Quartet)
  • Latin Jazz (Miles Osland Little Latin Big Band)
  • Rhythm & Blues (Greg Abate Trio)
  • Sheddin' Volume 1 by Miles Osland
  • Masterclass with Greg Abate: Ideas for Jazz Improvisation
  • Gabriel Rosati & The Brazilatafro Project
  • Jon Metzger Masterclass: Connecting Melodic Ideas From Chord to Chord
  • Frank Bongiorno Masterclass: Learning to Improvise Using Transcriptions
  • Bob Johnson with the Lap Band
  • Rande Sanderbeck's Quartet: Metric Modulation
  • Bill Anschell and Blow Hard: Modern Jazz
  • Charlie Hearnshaw Quartet (jazz play-along CD)
  • The Gary Campbell Miami Quartet: Afro-Cuban Brazilian Jazz (play-along CD)
  • Greg Yasinitsky Crosscurrent Quintet: Hard Bop (play along CD)