[Slingshot Hip Hop]

“The culture of hip hop and rap is at its most powerful and yet its

 most tender in Slingshot Hip Hop” – Chuck D, Public Enem

SlingShot Hip Hop
 A documentary about the struggle and
triumphs of Palestinian hip hop artists
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
In the 150 Media Lab

presented by the Stan Getz Library

A staff person from the Office of Cultural Diversity
will be on hand to lead discussion after film. 

From: Film review:
"Slingshot Hip Hop"
Maureen Clare Murphy, The Electronic Intifada, 10 September 2008

Jackie Salloum's invigorating new documentary Slingshot Hip Hop portrays the story of three aspiring Palestinian musicians from the rap group DAM as they develop their talent in their bedrooms and take it to standing-room-only crowds throughout historic Palestine. The youth from Lyd, inside present-day Israel, start off mimicking the gestures and English lyrics of the US rappers they see on TV, their songs celebrating materialism devoid of the social justice message upon which the genre of hip-hop was founded. However, this changes as the musicians' political awareness is sharpened by the rapid deterioration of the human rights situation in Palestine and they begin to see themselves in the images of America's oppressed black urban youth ...

See SlingShot Hip Hop website for a trailer and more info. about film

Film Features:


DAM from Lyd


PR (Palestinian Rapperz) from Gaza


ABEER from Lyd