[O Brother: a display inspired by the anniversary release of a groundbreaking soundtrack]

"In order to capture the sound of Mississippi circa 1932, the Coen [brothers] commissioned T-Bone Burnett...to research and re-create the country, bluegrass, folk, gospel, and blues of the era. The Coens were so taken with Burnett's discoveries that the film became a unique sort of musical revue...This soundtrack is a powerful tribute not only to the time-honored but commercially ignored genres of bluegrass and mountain music but also to Burnett's remarkable skills as a producer."  

This display highlights some of the many talented individuals who were a part of the soundtrack, some of the works inspired by the film's music, and materials related to a few of the genres highlighted by Mr. Burnett's research. 

CDs on display:

CD 7117

CD 20393

CD 33213-33214

CD 13896-13899

CD 11629

CD 7349

CD 24926

Scores on display:

MP131.M66 I5 2002

MP1527.2 .O12 2001

MP40 .P45 1994 v. 1

Books on display:

ML399 .T75 1988

ML3520 .B54 2004

MT608 .S73 1999

MT562 .K38 S75 2008

DVDs on display:

Magazines on display: