[Harmonica contest guidelines]

Need a pocket-sized power play to give your songs a boost?
We'll give you one for a song.

Announcing the Stan Getz Library Harmonica Power contest!

How to enter :

 We’ll have a harmonica display in our glass case and on our website through June 25 with a variety of listening suggestions that feature the harmonica. Listen to some of our suggestions or dig up some of your own.
 Then log into Facebook and go to the Stan Getz Library’s page. Click the "events" link in the tool bar just below the cover image and open the "Harmonica Power contest" event, leaving a comment with the track information from something you’d recommend others listen to, either that the library owns or that is commercially available for purchase. Every entry into the comments section, up to a limit of four per person, will count as an entry into our raffle drawing for our prize—the Lee Oskar diatonic harmonica in the display case!

Track information should include:
  • Composer/artist
  • Album title
  • Record label and year
  • Track title
  • Call number (if the library owns the album) or streaming audio database (i.e. Smithsonian Global Sound or Naxos Music Library)
The event will be posted here: http://www.facebook.com/StanGetzLibrary
The online display, which includes a number of listening suggestions, is here.

All of the information listed above is required to make the event comment a valid raffle entry. Invalid entries will not be removed from the event comments (though the comments will be moderated), but they will not qualify for entry into the raffle.

The track you choose does not need to be explicitly harmonica music, as long as it prominently features a harmonica. The track can be from an album the library doesn’t own, as long as the album is commercially available. A track from a streaming audio database that the library subscribes to is also a valid entry.

All Berklee College of Music students, faculty, alumni, and staff are eligible to win, with the exception of current professional staff employees of the Stan Getz Library.

Entrants without a Facebook account should send the above information, along with their full name and whether he/she is a student, faculty, alumni, or staff in an email to library@berklee.edu. All email entries should have the subject heading "Harmonica Power contest" and will be added to the Facebook comments by the library staff with appropriate attribution.

How to win:

 All entries received by 5pm June 25, 2011 will be entered into a raffle drawing.
The winner will be randomly selected and contacted by 5pm the following Friday, either via Facebook or email.
 If the winner does not respond within 48 hours of the Facebook or email message, a new winner will be selected. Valid Berklee status as a student, faculty, alumni, or staff member will be verified at the time of prize distribution.